University of Greenwich workshops announced!

The final two workshops of the University of Greenwich's July lunchtime business support series have been released. Both will be held at the Medway campus ME4 4TB

Become an Effective Negotiator and get better results – (Wednesday 19th July at 12:00 – 14:00, ME4 4TB).

What will you get from participating:
1.      Learn what a negotiation really is
2.      Learn about dealing with conflict and how your personality (and that of others) can impact the results you get
3.      Identify how to create and claim value in negotiation – what really matters
4.      Learn how you can secure better outcomes for all parties
5.      You’ll recognise cognitive biases and blind spots and know how to manage these

Who is this for?
This short workshop is for anyone who wants to develop their negotiating skills and get better outcomes from their negotiations.

Why should you attend?
You will learn some basic and important skills that will allow you to conduct more effective negotiations.  You’ll learn how to identify value creation opportunities and how to claim value in negotiations.  You’ll leave with tips and tools you can use to improve outcomes when you negotiate, both internally and externally.

Take me to your Leader – Why Leadership is everyone’s business – (Wednesday 26th July at 12:00 – 14:00, ME4 4TB).

What will you get from participating:
1.      Identify who is a leader
2.      You’ll learn what leaders do and need to do
3.      You’ll find out how good leaders are often good negotiators
4.      You’ll understand how your personality affects your leadership style
5.      You’ll be able to recognize when you’re doing too much of something and how you can regain balance
6.      You’ll be able to plan your own leadership development

Who is this for?
This short workshop is anyone who is in a leadership role or aspiring to be in a leadership role.  If you want to develop your leadership abilities or those of others then this is a good starting point to get some tips, tools and ideas.

Why should you attend?
Billions of Pounds are spent globally on leadership development and yet much of that money doesn’t get improved results.  This workshop will provide you with research based ideas that will help you develop your own leadership or that of those working with you so that you can develop leadership abilities that make a positive difference.   

To book, or if you have any questions, please contact me at